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With the downloadable desktop version of Tradinex, clients experience the most advanced and complete multi-asset desktop trading platform.

  • Complete product range
  • Fully customizable workspace
  • Windows, OS X and Linux compatible

Cross-platform Support

The Tradinex platform is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
The web version is also fully-compatible with multiple browsers.


The Tradinex platform performs updates automatically, ensuring that the user is always up to date with the latest version of the platform.


The Tradinex platform is available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.

Light or Dark Themes

Traders can choose between a light or dark theme to change the look and feel of the platform according to their preference.


Users can receive custom alerts in the form of a pop-up, sound, SMS or an email to alert them of a specific price of an asset.
Furthermore, users can define the parameters of a margin call alert, letting them know when they have run out of, or are close to running out of usable margin.

Estimated SL & TP (in currency)

This feature allows the user to set two important price points.
A ‘Stop Loss’ is a price that is always lower than the open price, and helps to limit losses.
The second price point is called ‘Take Profit,’ which helps to limit the level of risk by closing an open position at a certain profit point.
This feature is very beneficial to any trader looking to limit their risk while keeping a close eye on their profit margins.

Crash Auto-Recovery

With Crash Auto-Recovery traders never have to worry about their workspace configurations, chart tools, or preferences ever being lost in the event of a crash or loss of connection.
Tradinex automatically saves all user settings in real-time, making sure traders can continue to operate right where they left off.



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Powerful Tools and Features
For Professionals

We have developed Tradinex as a fully-featured platform that includes all of the trading tools, advanced charting, indicators, market news an multi-screen functionality that professional traders demand.

These powerful features have been integrated into elegantly designed, and highly customizable user interface.