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Execute your trades from any PC or laptop, without needing to download any software.

  • Based on the latest HTML5 web technology
  • No Download necessary
  • A fully-customizable interface

Cross-platform Support

The Tradinex platform is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
The web version is also fully-compatible with multiple browsers.

One-Click Trading

The one-click trading function enables users to instantly process trades in real-time with just one click. Precious seconds can mean the difference between a good trade and a great trade. This functionality removes any lag times that can cause a trader to miss an opportunity in the market.

No Download Necessary

The Tradinex web version enables users to access the platform, wherever they may be. With this version, users never have to download and install any software. And as long as there is an internet connection—users never have to miss a trade either.

MetaTrader or Stand-Alone

Our platform can be fully integrated with your existing MetaTrader, or can be used as a stand-alone trading platform. As a stand-alone, our platform uses Tradinex’s own proprietary trading engine and is comparable to the trading engine used in MetaTrader 4.

Multiple Workspaces

Enjoy customizable workspaces with unlimited configurations. This helpful feature allows the user to create their workspace to be specific to either the experience level of the user or to the type of asset they prefer to trade. Portlets, like widgets, can be added or hidden—allowing the interface to be easily configured for beginners, experts, or for those who want a workspace that is dedicated only to the Euro.

White Labeled Branding

Tradinex comes completely white labeled. We allow our clients to have complete control over the branding of the platform. Whether it’s your company’s logos, custom icons, or unique color palettes— customize the look and feel of the platform to match your brand.


Whether it’s Bollinger Bands, RSI, or MACD— there are 60 technical indicators built directly into the Tradinex platform. Technical indicators are built on algorithms that allows the trader to visually analyze chart data to spot trends and ultimately to forecast the direction of an asset. Indicators function as a critical element to any successful technical analysis.

Chart Tools

With over 50 drawing tools to choose from, traders can easily turn their technical analysis into something both useful and beautiful.

Industry Leading Technology

Tradinex has been developed using an advanced coding infrastructure that allows the platform to be both secure, powerful and highly configurable. This state of the art of technology provides the foundation for an optimal user experience.