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From day one, our platform provides you with a complete set of services. This will allow you to have a fully-operational brand, up and running within two weeks. We assist you with regulation procedures, connect you to PSPs and more. Additionally, our support team provides you with the step-by-step instructions needed in order to easily deploy our platform. This allows you to fully dedicate your attention to what matters— running your business.

Technical support

Each and every one of our partners deserves our full support. Tradinex is a complete solution that has been developed to include of the features that all of our partners demand. Partners receive comprehensive support from our technical team throughout the deployment process, maintenance, and further development updates. Additionally, we value all the feedback we receive from our partners. Feel free to report any issues you might be having with the platform, or request new features and enhancements for future development.


We have instant access to monitor and optimize the performance of our platform. This allows us to rapidly locate and address any issues that may arise.


Tradinex team is constantly developing newer versions, automatically updating the platform for peak performance. Don’t worry, we update on weekends only.


Tradinex provides its brokers with all necessary technical assistance— saving both time and maintenance costs.


Benefit from the speed and security of Tradinex’s state of the art servers: AWS cloud, Anti-DDoS protections & CDN service.